YOUR CONSULTANT IS Treena And Mckenzie

My Story

Well my story starts like this. Both my daughter and I were introduced to Scentsy in October 2012 by our great friend Stephanie and were hooked.  We loved every aspect about it; the smells, the warmers and best of all the buddies. It took us about 4 months to decide if we wanted to put something else on our plate after just starting our cleaning company. But after getting our last order of Scentsy bars my husband asked why we weren’t selling the product that we love so much. So that night I signed up and we became Independent Scentsy Consultants. Now that we have over 3 year under our belt with this great company it is only getting better. We still love every minute. I would recommend this brand to any and everyone. I am a mother of 2 great daughters McKenzie (23) and Megan (20). I’m married to a great man for 19 yrs and have 2 grandbabies Jaiden 20 months and Skylar 18 monhs. So my adventure is going to get even better. We love all the perks of being our own boss with our own hours. We’re enjoying the path that Scentsy has takes us and can't wait to write our next chapter. Thank you for getting to know us and we look forward to talking to you soon.   Treena and McKenzie <!--endbody-->